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our policy

Payment gateway policy
1.Members must pay Registration and monthly fees.

2.Non registered members fees structure will be different than the registered member's fees. 

3.Registration fees shall be paid once at the time of joining and monthly fees shall be paid in every month which is non refundable. 

4.The above said fees amount may vary than the previous year. 
5.Monthly fees should be paid by 7th of every month. We can consider and recieve the amount till 10th of every month.No fine amount shall be levied in between that. 

6.A fine amount of Rs100/-per week will be levied for late fee payment. 

7.If someone enrolls after 10th then monthly fees may vary as per clause no. 11but registration fees will be same. 

8.The membership is not transferable .

9.Fees Strucrure
*Registration fees  is Rs1500/-
*Online/Offline Yoga monthly fees - Rs1500/-(5days per week) 
*Online/Offline Zumba monthly fees - Rs1200/- for 4days and 1500/- for 5days per week. 

10.Class wise fees Structure
Any service according to 5 days/week and upto 20 classes Rs1500/- , upto 15classes Rs1200/-,upto 10 classes Rs1000/-,For 1 week Rs. 800/-

Any service according to 
4days per week for 16 classes Rs1200/- , upto12 classes  Rs1000/-, upto 8 classes  Rs 800/-, upto 4 classes Rs. 600/-

One class Rs200/-

11.For non registered members monthly fees will be 2000/- or as decided by the management. 

12.We  shall accept the digital payment and cash payment as well. 

13.Members data like Name,contact details and account number will be secured and shall not be shared publicly. 

14.Demo class and workshops may be free or chargeable as decided by the authority.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

15.All above mentioned Yoga or Zumba fees are not cancellable or refundable once after users successfull registration.


Registered members will get extra benefits than the non registered members .